Explore this northern territory and you’ll be delighted.
Your type of hunting ? At le Chenail du Nord outfitter, hunting has the place of honor: moose, black bear, small game…. You have the choice!

This summer, enjoy the ultimate experience of an off-trail quad expedition with the Chenail du Nord experienced team. Multiply unexpected encounters and strong emotions during your ride in a Quebec touristic region known for its breathtaking panorama. During your stay, you will have your own accommodation unit and a cook will prepare you delicious meals on a hearty wood fire. Come and see us on this vast land located more than 500 kms away from Québec city!

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Types of hunting

Explore this northern territory and you’ll be delighted.
Moose Hunting A unique experience

During fall, the hunter can court the king of our forests. During the breeding season, the moose travels a lot in the outfitter area, and it is very appreciated by hunters. Some areas have mineral licks and miradors available for groups of four hunters. It is interesting to mention that many moose can be found on the principal road of the outfitter. Since the last couple of years, more than eight moose have been killed on this road, including a male that had 40 inches antlers.

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Black Bear Hunting At the Chenail du Nord outfitter, hunting is THE thing

The region of Forestville has a good reputation concerning bear hunting, and our magnificent outfitter is not an exception. The bears in the area are very active early in the summer. Some sites are specially lured and developed to hunt this big mammal very fond of food at this time of the year. It is possible to enjoy a combination of fishing and black bear hunting during this period of the year.

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Small game Hunting A different way to hunt

During fall, nothing is more pleasant than walking in the forest to initiate children to hunting. Ruffed grouses, sprouse grouses and hares are waiting for you! Do not forget your camera to immortalize those magical moments. Bow hunters are welcomed in our outfitter. They will enjoy hunting in an area specially developed for their needs.

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Le Chenail du Nord

Le Chenail du Nord outfitter is an area abounding in game and located at about 95 kms North West of Forestville on the Côte-Nord. With its 50 lakes scattered over 70 square kilometers, this little piece of paradise located in the Manicouagan tourism region will amaze outdoors adventurers.

Nature lovers and adventure seekers will love the vastness and the richness of Le Chenail du Nord’s panorama. Come see for yourself while hunting and fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing on the quay.

The reputation of our outfitter is important for us and it depends on your satisfaction. We keep this in mind when we come up to our customers and this is why many of them come back year after year, in this wonderful area of the Côte-Nord.

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